“We are the very best when it comes to fund management,
capital markets and serving corporate clients.

When you come to Waterland Management, you expect a personal service, a focus on quality and much attention to detail. You expect such services to be delivered by highly professional people who are of an uncompromising integrity.  

Waterland Management delivers corporate, fund management, capital market and private wealth services to its clients. We distinguish ourselves by offering by tailor made solutions of the highest quality and ingenuity. Our aim is to build long-term relationships. Waterland Management works with global law firms and accountancy firms, multinational corporations, financial institutions, fund managers, high net worth individuals and family offices. 

“We are the one call you should make.
We are on the ground where you need to be,
helping you benefit from key opportunities. “

By the time you get to the end of this sentence, the world will have changed more rapidly than during any time in history. Each day, advanced information technologies seem to make decision-making that much quicker, smarter and more precise. This creates many new and exciting opportunities. Often, these opportunities will  present themselves in different parts of the world.  receptfritt-potensmedel

However, some things will never change. Our local, tailored and personal approach is an example ot that. We are a company of people, and regard ourselves to be your professional partner, wherever you may be locatedAs the world accelerates, we will be there on the ground together with you, wherever you need us to be. We pride ourselves in our local knowledge and our proactive and friendly approach. By putting people first, we have grown to become the world’s leading provider of trust and corporate services, one handshake at a time. We are determined to excel in the little things as well. We can only do this by listening carefully to our clients from the very start. 

As a global player who excels in offering a local perspective, we can help you invest abroad by applying a preferred solution that is just right for you. Our local people are there to provide alternative perspectives on customs and culture that you need to help you succeed financially and commercially within the local legal restrictions. By keeping a sharp eye on local characteristics, developments and trends, we can help you identify key opportunities that will provide you with the competitive edge you need. If you want to include a local opportunity into your global vision and allow it to expand, we will be there to provide you with the local guidance you need. 


How can we help? Every successful relationship starts with a conversation. What do you need? How may we help you? 

Rond-point Schuman 2-4
1040 Brussels / België

Tel: +32 2 792 57 55
E-mail: info@waterlandmanagement.be

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