In November 2018, research conducted by Waterland Management revealed that 40% of Private Capital CFO & COOs still had not taken any action to prepare for the UK leaving the EU (Brexit).  

Whilst uncertainty has been an overriding factor throughout the negotiations, there are a number ofthings which remain certain: 



Planning and preparing for Brexit is essential and despite the uncertainties that remain, exploring the different possible outcomes should be part of your plan. Waterland Management has a network of offices across the EU and the Channel Islands. Our expert staff will help you navigate the complexities of Brexit. Our experts will ensure your business will continue to operate seamlessly in a post-Brexit environment. 

Our Brexit Services include:

Fund Services 

  • Fund launch & establishment 
  • Fund administration and accounting 
  • AIFM ManCo 
  • AIFMD Depositary Services 
  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance Services

Capital Markets 

  • Securitization and structured finance transaction administration. 
  • Conduit and Commercial paper transaction administration 
  • Noteholder/Secured Creditor Representation 
  • Share Trust Infrastructure and Administration 
  • Note and Security Trustee Services

Corporate Clients 

  • Formation and implementation 
  • Domiciliation and management 
  • Legal administration 
  • Accounting and reporting 
  • Compliance with tax regulations 



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