Our regulatory and compliance services will ensure that you meet both your local and global regulatory needs. In addition, they will provide customized support in order to keep you informedregarding the evolving regulatory requirements that may affect your business.  

Regulation is becoming more important than ever before. We will build our approach around your individual needs, tailoring our processes to your jurisdictions, sectors, regulation, obligations, hitta det and corporate policies and procedures hitta det. Our regulatory compliance services will enable you to confidentlymeet your regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously 


Businesses must determine the best way to comply with regimes like FATCA, CRS, DAC 6, Economic Substance, Anti-Money Laundering, US Partnership Representative requirements, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), GDPR and the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)Register, to name just a few of them. 

We understand your need for a global partner to safeguard your local and international compliance. We will build our approach around your individual needs, tailoring our processes to your jurisdictions, sectors, regulations, obligations and corporate policies and procedures. 

Our services 

  • Reporting services 
  • FATCA administration and reporting 
  • CRS reporting and assistance 
  • Global screening of sanctions and media in multiple jurisdictions 
  • Enhanced intelligence reports on individual clients and businesses 
  • Board compliance and regulatory reports


  • Regulatory reporting 
  • Risk assessment and GAP analysis 
  • Compliance policies 
  • Training 
  • Execution of a compliance audit 
  • Interacting with authorities 
  • Reporting officers and skilled persons 
  • Remediation

How we will assist you 

  • Lower in-house compliance costs 
  • IT that provides access to industry-recognized systems 
  • Genuine experience and understanding of global regulatory changes 
  • Having an experienced team at your disposal 
  • A global partner present in those locations that suit your business model

We’ve designed our outsourced client on-boarding approach in order to capture the data that isrequired for regulatory reporting. In addition, we integrate your policies and procedures, ensuring that your compliance manual is consistently adhered to. Our professionally trained team will implementthis approach using robust systems which provide data security and a provide clear audit trail at the same time. 



How can we help? Every successful relationship starts with a conversation. What do you need? How may we help you? 

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